Pedal is a Windows text editor for ANSYS APDL scripts
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Pedal is a Windows text editor for ANSYS APDL scripts. It integrates with the ANSYS help system to provide instantaneous help on any one of the 1000s of ANSYS commands. Pedal was written by Matt Sutton, an Engineer at PADT, to make his own job easier. Matt has years of experience writing APDL scripts and has long wished for a tool that would provide help for a given command right at his fingertips.

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  • Question: I have a WAV pedal that is locked after updating to Windows 10. How can I get it unlocked?

    The most common issue is compatibility with newer operating systems. You can either check the developer's page to see if there is an update for Windows 10 operating system, or you can force install the driver manually.

    To do this, you will have to disable the Driver Enforcement policy: Windows + C > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery > Advanced Startup > Restart > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.

    Once you are on the Desktop after DE has been disabled, install the software and the drivers for device. Eventually, go to Device Manager and manually use Update Driver then point the installer in the correct path where the INF file is stored.

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